Craigen Quarry, along the road from Auchindrain to Loch Awe.

  • on the James Dorret map 1744-1761
  • on the Kitchin Map 1773, just above Braleckan

Strathlachlan Quarry, around Strachur
Need to ask the folks at Strachur Smiddy for help
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Quarry where folks from Auchindrain went to work at
What was the connection with local quarries… how were they recruited?
Where did they stay?

Duncan Munro in 1891 - illegimate child by Isabella Crawford in 1892 - married same year and legitimitised child, moved to ACHDN, child died following year. Registrar @ Strathlachlan was an Archibald Crawford — any connection?

Furnace Quarry
a highly significant place for so many men of the area

In 1841, the same year as the Powder Mills opened, William Sim from Glasgow had permission from the 7th Duke of Argyll to open up a quarry on the lands of Craleckan. The new demand for dressed stone was for paving the streets of the city of Glasgow, and the big appeal of Furnace was due to its proximity to the loch. Easy transportation was by sea, in the days before motorised vehicles. William Sim also opened a quarry at Crarae, in conjunction with the Campbells of Succoth. The Succoth Papers show that they levied a charge on every ton of stone removed from the site, a “nice little earner”.

Men and their families moved from Bonawe to work here.
image from http://www.furnace-argyll.org/the-quarries.html
This page has a lot of great local information about the quarry.