Sinclair Clan

Some links and some background to the Clan Sinclair.
Where where the Sinclairs from?
How / When / Why did the Lochfyneside Sinclairs get here ? - Sinclair Clan site - the Clan Chiefs site - MCNOKAIRDS: The Early Sinclairs of Argyll By Karen J. Matheson

Anc_Sinclair_Red_Wallpaper.gif Ancient Sinclair tartan Clan_Sinclair_Badge.jpg
Hunting_Sinclair_Wallpaper.GIF Ancient Hunting Sinclair tartan

The Clan Crest is a Cockrel and the Motto "Commit thy Work to God".
As the Sinclairs are a Norman Clan, perhaps the Cockerel of Norman legend, Chanticleer made a play on words "Chanter Clair", to signify "Sing-clair".

Traditionally, Clansmen would wear a sprig of Whin in their bonnet. (Whin is Gorse)